The Safest Types Of Toys For Your Pup.

Toys. It seems no dog can live without them. And in reality, this isn't a bad thing. Having toys to play with releases energy and potential stress, encourages exercise and satisfies certain canine instincts (think hunting dog vs. squeaky toy). So, to avoid getting your shoes eaten or couch torn up, consider providing your dog with an array of toys to steal their focus and attention.

I know what you are thinking, a bunch of toys equals a bunch of money, right? It doesn't have to. Most dogs are satisfied with the most basic of toys which don't have to break the bank. Though you do want to make sure the toys you are choosing to purchase will not harm your pup and that can be slightly harder to accomplish considering neither the Food and Drug Administration or Consumer Product Safety Commission regulate dog toys.

Since you can't always trust how products are advertised, educating yourself on common choking hazards and stomach obstructions will help ensure you are making the safest choices for your dog when it comes to their beloved toys. 

See below for a list of dog toys and dog toy features that don't pass our safety check. 

  • stuffed animals with plastic beaded eyes 
  • tennis balls or any ball that can be worked into the back of your dogs mouth as this can block your dogs airway
  • balls with a single air holes
  • bright color dyes (an article by discusses studies which found alarming levels of lead and other toxins in heavily dyed chew toys) 
  • sticks 
  • polyester fiber-filling should be avoided when it comes to puppies

Instead, when on the search for the safest dog toys opt for toys that consist of strong rubber, durable plush or canvas material, or try out wooden puzzles! Be sure to read labels or research specific companies that use eco-friendly or low levels of dyes. 

Armed with this knowledge when making a dog toy purchase, you can rest assure you are putting your canines best interest first.